Bingo Rules & Format

– Players
o Unlike trivia, bingo is an individual’s game. Each person plays their own card(s)

– How to Play
o Everyone knows how to play Bingo right? 5 in a row wins! Vertical, Horizontal and
Diagonal. There really isn’t much more to it. We have a specialty board at halftime
for a bigger prize and final game of the night called the ‘Blackout Round’.

– Blackout Round
o This is our final game of the night. The winner is the first person to get EVERY space
on their card filled. First person to get a blackout gets their tab paid for the night!
(ask your server for details because each location is a little different)

– Winners
o Every game is a different winner and every winner gets to pick a prize from the prize
bucket. Prizes include, free drinks, free food, swag from the restaurant, extra bingo
cards and even gift cards for $10 and $25 dollars. (Again, each location is a little
different so make sure you ask your host or server about what the prizes are at the
location you’re playing at.)

– Where to Play
o Click here for our list of Bingo Shows

– Hire Us
o Thinking about starting a Bingo night at your place? Click here and our team will
reach out to you and answer any questions you might have.